AC complete stainless steel turbo exhaust proudly presents, the complete stainless steel turbo exhaust with a stainless steel tip muffler. Now you can purchase a complete turbo exhaust kit, including the merged exhaust, J-tubes, muffler and pressure tubing.

The chrome plated stainless steel exhaust is 1 5/8″ in diameter (41mm) and fits underneath the real apron of a T-1 beetle. The muffler-tip is made of polished stainless steel. The SS pressure tubing includes the T-pipe between the pressure covers as well as the tube to the turbo and air intake. All TIG-weldings are factory produced.

The exhaust features a direct fit for Schwitzer S2A or Airesearch T03 turbos, by a rectangular flange. Naturally you can also install any other turbo you like, by installing some other flange. The piping includes a ready-made flange for a waste-gate and also a standard lambda-fitting.

What you will also need is: pressure covers, silicone ducting and clamp fittings, waste-gate and turbocharger as well as proper installation kit for the turbochargers oiling system.


Larger turbos than the S2A or T03 do not fit under the rear apron without modification.

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