AC Sidewinder exhaust

ACĀ Sidewinder (SS304) Stainless Steel exhaust for aircooled T-1 and T-2:s


One of the most important aspects in extracting the most power from your engine is the ability for exhaust gases to flow through the exhaust at a sufficient rate. Many things affect this, for example pipe length, diameter, collector design and overall form of the exhaust. produces a stainless steel (SS304) merged exhaust, which is designed with the collector pointing toward the right rear wheel. This design saves space and hides the exhaust nicely underneath the rear apron, coupled with sufficient ground clearance.

ACJX048_9_Normal ACJX048_8_Normal

ACJX048_10_Normal ACJX048_4_Normal

The exhaust is 1 5/8″ (41mm) in diameter which is sufficient for most engines ranging from hot 1600cc to way beyond 2000cc strokers. The exhaust features superior quality TIG welds and design, very thick and easily installable swiveling exhaust flanges and very tight fitting overlapping pipe-joints. And yes, the collector is designed correctly also on the inside, with a welded cone shape towards the exit.

The muffler is attached to the exhausts with a swiveling flange and hides away right next to the right rear wheel. Both T-1 and T-2 mufflers are available.

ACJX048_T2_8_Normal ACJX048_T2_7_Normal

ACJX048_T2_6_Normal ACJX048_T2_2_Normal

ACJX048_T2_1_Normal ACSWT1_1

Such a fine quality, yet competitively priced product has never before been offered! And yes we admit it, we could put it in any of our own cars simply because it is so absolutely beautiful!

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