AC IDF dual carburetors

AC IDF-style (Weber) dual carburetors

The true and original powerbooster for your aircooled engine. Whether you are running a mostly standard 1641cc or a screaming 2272cc then dual carbs will work for you. Originally developed by Weber, IDF carbs have been fabricated and sold by many suppliers over the years.


The AC-versions of the 40 / 44 / 48mm IDFs are true reproductions of the original Weber carbs, featuring all original style components (venturies, emulsion tubes, floats, mixture screws and jets).

Use as single center carb application or fit two of them on regular IDF/DRLA -manifolds in the corners for optimum performance. Easy to install, tune and keep running, the obvious choice for an affordable and reliable carburetion upgrade!

Go for power the traditional way and you won’t regret it!

AC IDF 40mm carburetor

AD IDF 44mm carburetor

AC IDF 48mm carburetor