AC FirePower ignition modules

AC FirePower ignition module for Bosch 009 / 050 and 034 / 205 distributors as well as Bosch 0231187002 (multiple brands).



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It doesn’t matter how many horses you could extract from your engine, as all the power goes to waste if you’re running it with an inadequate ignition. The old points-style ignition is a century-old invention and even though it may still work well in stock-type cars (and after adjusting it every 1000km or changing it out every 10.000km) it is by far obsolete compared to an electronic ignition. Ignition timing fluctuates more with points-style ignition, causing a less precisely running engine which results in uneven firing and ultimately in more wear and tear.

Our AC FirePower breakerless ignition module is made of high quality materials, featuring a completely sealed ignition module coupled with a durable magnetic rotor that fits perfectly inside your distributor. The module also includes extra contact fittings for your coil if needed, as well as detailed instructions for installation and use.

The module features easy “fit-and-forget” installation, involving only replacing the old points with the new module, sliding the magnetic rotor over the distributor shaft and connecting the red wire to positive / black wire to negative pole of the coil. You car will start and run better and in combination with less fuel consumption there really is no excuse not to get one. Do yourself a favor, throw out your old points and enjoy a smoother running engine combined with maintenance free operation!

Properties in short:

* Replaces points and condenser

* Easy fit-and-forget installation, maintenance free

* Better starts, more power, less consumption, less emissions

* Cleaner engine oil and longer lasting plugs (cleaner fuel burn)

* Smoother running engine, longer engine life

* Very reliable, no wearing parts, fully sealed and robustly built

* Limited warranty for 12 months of purchase

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