AC 26 and 30mm oil pumps

AC produces its own oilpumps with either 26 or 30mm gears. You can also get the pumps already plugged for full-flow operation.

The original 21mm gear oil pumps are good for standard operation, but when you put more horses into your engine you want to make sure the oil-pressure inside the engine keeps up with the added power and revs. Our pumps will raise the pressure in your engine to a sufficient level for high power operation.

AC26 AC30

Properties in short:

* Available in either 26 or 30mm gear size

* Designed for standard engine case 8mm stud size

* Designed for 3 bolt camshaft / camgear (all aftermarket)

* Available also as plugged for full-flow operation.

* Can be used with all standard pump covers as well as full-flow covers

Direct links to webshop:

26mm oil pump

30mm oil pump

26mm oil pump, plugged for full-flow

30mm oil pump, plugged for full-flow