AC 009 / 034 electronic distributors

So, you thought you couldn’t get a good aftermarket centrifugal 009 or vacuum 034-distributor anymore? You were wrong.




The problem with most aftermarket 009 / 034 distributors is that they are manufactured so cheap, that quality has declined steadily over the years. We all know the old cheap distributors with loose distributor shafts that are more or less impossible to dial in, especially with traditional points installed. We decided to change that.

The AC 009 / 034 distributors have been manufactured with OEM type specifications, ensuring the distributor shaft has a snug fit in the distributor. What’s more, we thought simply making a copy of the original wasn’t good enough, but decided we’d upgrade the ignition system itself, and fitted them with electronic breakerless modules directly from the factory.

So what you get is a completely new distributor, with a very snug distributor shaft, coupled with our super-quality FirePower ignition module. The price? You won’t believe it.

009 centrifugal distributor with electronic ignition

034 vacuum distributor with electronic ignition