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Filed under: News — aircooledfi 12:05 Wednesday, June 5, 2013, the largest inventory VW-supplier in Finland and, one of the oldest and highest regarded companies in the Finnish VW-business join forces to promote a series of products manufactured especially for produces a variety of products for street and race-use and we are very proud to announce that will be actively promoting these products in the future. Founder and owner of, Juhani “Jussi” Jyränkö is one of the most (if not the most) successful aircooled VW-racers in Finland and he extensively tests all products he endorses beforehand, to make sure the quality and reliability of the products live up to racing-expectations. Jussi operates Kuplapaja, the number one aircooled-VW repair, customization and race-shop in Finland. He also manages the Kuplapaja VW-rallyseries in Finland as well as the VW-Open drag racing day, usually held in May and also helps organize Boxer  Speed Day and other large VW-events every year.

“Good quality and inexpensive pricing seldom walk hand in hand, but has managed to create several products at an unbeatable price, Jussi says.

“We fully endorse these products, and I have personally been using all of them in both my own racing cars, but also in many of my customer-projects. All AC-brand products are of high quality and they are always my number one choice, whether it be on the track or on the street”, Jussi adds.

We thank Jussi for his unwavering support!

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Videos of Jussi in action!


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